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At Plexus Pilates we dedicate every teaching hour and 100% of our attention to delivering authentic pilates to our guests. The kind that you’ve heard and read about. The kind of pilates that swears a life-changing experience. But most importantly, Plexus delivers the kind of pilates that was intended for persons from all walks of life.

“Joseph Pilates had a dream of introducing his vision of mind-body fitness (pilates) into every aspect of life, from elementary schools to military training, and, had he not been so far ahead of his time, it might have happened.”

Plexus Pilates is reintroducing Pilates’ vision with a mission of helping all who are interested “Do what they love to do better.” Whether it’s walking, running, working or gardening – it doesn’t matter – Plexus Pilates will improve any of your lifestyle activities by correcting years of unintentional abuse and neglect of your body.

Plexus Pilates holds the lost manual to our natural pilates body. It’s not a certain ‘teaching style’ of pilates that we’re committed to, but rather the delivery method that we take a passion in. Because this manual is no easy read, Plexus instructors will teach you step-by-step, visit-by-visit– how to apply the pilates system to your life outside of the studio. It is time for pilates to be resurrected from the cult-like world that adopted the philosophy from its founder forty-plus years ago. It is time for pilates to be re-defined by YOU!

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